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Expert Bail Network Nationwide Bail Bonds Service

Expert Bail Network Nationwide Bail Bonds Service

Expert Bail Network Nationwide Bail Bonds ServiceExpert Bail Network Nationwide Bail Bonds Service
Cooper Bail Bonds in Martinez is a reliable provider of Bail Bonds at The Contra Costa County Jail.

Cooper Bail Bonds In Martinez Since 1952

Available 24 hours a day to assist you in getting family and friends released. 

About Us

Owner Operator for 40 years

I know crime has no social or economic boundaries and when you hear help I am in  jail and you wonder what to do next. Call Rick Calhoun Bondsman for fast Bail Bonds Service.  

Experience Matters


When you hear I am in Jail come get me out.

After the first thought of disbelief and then wondering what do I do? Be assured by calling Cooper Bail Bonds you will be talking with a compassionate understanding professional who does not judge you or the person who has been accused. We professionally guide you through the decision process and advise you on the best way to obtain the release of those who have been detained.

We are not commissioned agents

I am not a commissioned bail bondsmen. I will do my level best  in providing you bail bonds service and advice on obtaining the release of an accused family or friend.

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Call 24 Hours 925-228-5464

There is no obligation when you call for information about how bail works at the Contra Costa County Jail. Give us a call to discuss the different ways you can use to get someone released from jail.

Cash Bonds, Property Bonds, Cite Released, Surety Bonds.

Cooper Bail Bonds

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